JM Human Performance

Sport-specific Personal Training and Nutritional programs

Personal Training and Coaching
JM Shots-1-12Personalised Strategy: After setting targets, we will undergo strength and fitness tests to identify your strengths and limiters in relation to your goals. Next, I will develop a tailored training program to further develop your strengths and eradicate your limiters.
New body, New boundaries: The basic ingredients of performance are functional strength, speed, muscular endurance and aerobic conditioning. During each personal training session, we will work on developing these basic ingredients in order to bring continual development where you will see results in just weeks.



Initial 12 week Programs include:
  • Sports Performance Training: Gold standard Strength and Conditioning training for your chosen sport.
  • Sports Performance Coaching 1-1 movement coaching for runners or cyclists including video analysis and correction.
  • Injury Prevention: Rebuilding wasted or inactive muscles following injury or time away from sport.
  • Weight Management: A highly effective program focusing on exercise and nutrition for healthy weight management – with one to one support.
  • Newbie introduction to sport: Whether you’ve never taken up exercise before, or fancy trying a new challenge, this program is based around giving support and guidance so you can achieve your new dream, whether its to climb a mountain, or finish your first triathlon!
Fuel for progress: It is vital to have a nutritional strategy in order to maximise the effectiveness of your training. JM Human Performance can help you fuel for the day and recover effectively. Your nutritional analysis will help you to understand fluid requirements and apply a strategy for
  • Fuelling Training
  • Recovery
  • Body Composition and weight management
Injury Prevention
JM-Shots-1-23A step ahead: Have you struggled with injury? JM programs work to condition muscles, joints and tendons to become more resilient, improve form and reduce the risk of injury. By incorporating specific strength and conditioning for the chains of muscles used for movement helps the body absorb more training.
The reward: Completing your first 5k run, losing a set amount of body fat or winning your first race are all achievable goals if you have the 2 ingredients to success; 1) knowledge and 2) Application (training). 

If I provide the first and you commit to the second, there will be no stopping you!

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"JM Human Performance have been brilliant – tuning the training to meet objectives, varying the exercise pattern to keep it interesting and challenging and most importantly; its working, getting me fitter – thanks!’"

− Paul Harding

"Prior to working on a fitness programme with JM Human Performance Wellbeing I had been struggling to get the motivation to get fit. Since starting a Personal Training course with JM Human Performance I have found not only the motivation but also the ability to increase and maintain my fitness level. "

− Steve Butler

"I feel so much stronger on the hills since working with Justyn - I am going from strength to strength"

− Steve Fisher - Runner and Cyclist